I am an abstract painter who experiments with organic forms and texture to capture a quality of infinite space and time.

Within each of my canvases, I am inspired by nature and I try to translate the microcosmic light and colors and shapes of my natural environment into a more expansive abstract macrocosm. I experiment with the immediacy of gestural strokes, and viscose surfaces juxtaposed with washes of subdued earthy colors to create paintings that embody my intutitive process.

“My life and aesthetic are intimately connected to nature which provides the emotional canvas from which I draw a large part of my inspiration.”

This is a process of continual discovery about paint and its responses to various surfaces, and it is also a discovery about my own response to color and gesture in its immediate environment. I find that each of my paintings has a powerful quality of suspension in space and time.

“Painting is a means of expression without limits and what I love to do more than anything.”

Each painting becomes a unique tableau of visual resonances, associations and emotions and the viewer is invited to have a personal dialogue with all of these things, and to locate themself in his reflections on the infinite.

“I am fascinated with the process of painting; the real is distilled intuitively to achieve an abstract form.”

“He captivates us nonetheless with colors that resonate like sonorous music and textures that morph from gritty clotted passages to bold, swirling lines scored deep into his thickly-pigmented surface, as if with a giant comb raked rhythmically across the canvas …”

Ed McCormack
Editor and reviewer
Studio and Gallery Magazine